When I’m Nervous


Whenever I’m around a guy that I like I get really nervous. My heart starts to race and my hands will start to shake.  This is a very big give away that I like them.  I was wondering, do you know any ways of keeping calm when you are nervous?  I’m supposed to hang out with this guy that I like, and I’m worried that when I go to hug him my heart is going to be beating really hard (it beats so hard that I can see my chest moving)… That’ll be soo embarrassing! Any ideas of what I could do?

Oh and this isn’t just when I’m nervous. It happens when I’m really excited too… I guess I’m just not very good at hiding my emotions.

Phyllis replied:


Why are you trying to hide it?  How do you know this isn’t part of your charm, your individuality?  If a guy hugged you and you could feel his heart beating fast, wouldn’t you be flattered?  For all you know,your beating heart turns him on.

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