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I’ve read your books and tell you the truth-they are amazing. 🙂
Phyllis, since I’ve saw you helping so many people with their troubles, I have an intention of asking you to help me with this problem that I am now facing.
I am 13 years old, and I do tuition for Theory(Music) . One day, when I was having class, my teacher behaved suddenly so cruel and abusive to me. She yelled, scolded and demanded me when I was doing my work. Whenever I do a mistake, she will yell at me, then push my hand away from the book and rub of all my work. I have no idea why did she became to scary. It was because of that, I wanted so desperately to change teachers. I wanted my piano teacher to teach my theory instead, but it’s just that her charge of fees is quite high but I really, desperately wanted her to teach me but I don’t have the money to pay her. I then was so desperate to find a job(any job) to earn money for the tuition fees. Can suggest a job for a 13 year old??

As for my old teacher, I have no intention of seeing her again. I’ve also asked around why is she suddenly so violent and did many things. But  I couldn’t find an answer and I just don’t want to go back and see her again. All I ask for, Phyllis, is you to suggest me a job for a 13 year old. It can be any job.

Phyllis replied:


I don’t know where you live or what is available in your community, nor do I know what things you do well.  I would love for readers to help me out here and suggest jobs that other 13 year-olds do in their own neighborhoods.  Look around you and ask what needs to be done.  Baby-sitting?  Weeding?  Watering plants?  Taking dogs for walks?  Mowing grass?  Scrubbing porches?  Helping out at children’s birthday parties?  Think what you like to do and what you do best.  Then post notices on community bulletin boards and tell neighbors that you are available.

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