Should I Tell My Mom and Dad?

ok so my lil brother is what 11 going on 12 and he like the good kid
shy one too but then i look at his phone and he has pictures he hads pictures of binkis and showing hardly nothing
and it really hurts to know he that type of guy and i know you proably going to say he growing up and all that but what do i do tell my mom and dad hey look at your son phone beacuse i think he tooo young to be looking at that stuff
part of me wants to tell so he will never do that again
the 2 part is telling me he growing up and i have to let him grow
cuz he a guy and all but i dont know what to do =[
what will you do


Phyllis replied:



I’m not sure if you’re telling me that your younger brother is looking at very sexy pictures of women or if he is looking at hard-core porn.  If they are mostly sexy pictures of women wearing very little or perhaps no clothing, I think I would keep his privacy.   I would also tell him what you’ve seen on his phone and how you came to be snooping, but unless he is looking at really far-out pornography, which would probably give him a very distorted view of sex, or–more troubling to me–would be pictures of sexual violence toward women, I’d chalk this up to his nearing puberty and getting interested, mentally and physically, in sexual feelings.  My guess is that his knowing that big sister is keeping an eye on him might keep his sexual “peeping” within normal limits.

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