We Start Fighting Again

Can you help me out? one of my “friends” and I do not get along. we constantly bicker, call eachother names, try to make eachother jealous, and basically bully eachother. we both can not seem to put our differences aside.  we have tried talking about our problem, because there obviously is one, but we end up playing the blame game, or else we will be okay for a while and then we just start fighting again. im pretty sure each of us have healthy relationships with everyone else in our lvies, yet somehow we make an exception for eachother. its gotten particularly bad lately, and im really sick of it all. how do i make this madness end? im not even sure where it started.
Phyllis replied:
Time for a time-out.  I suggest a two-week vacation from each other.  Don’t call, don’t email, try not to be in the same crowd if the other is present or ignore each other if you are–tell your friends, if they ask, that you are not fighting, you are taking a vacation to help you get along better.

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