How to Get Over Him?

hi well i have written to you about my boy problems before i dont know if you remember me because im pretty sure so many girls write to you. i love that i can always write to you for advice about boys or problems without feeling dumb. i dont really like talking to people about it. well here it goes okk well before i wrote to you of this boy who we would be off an on well i got over him finally (: all thanks to this boy who i always had a class with just never really started talking to. we ended up going out but soon broke up after 3 weeks his reason being that he just wants to be friends because he’s leaving to college. i was ok with it but he makes it harder to get over him by still flirting with me and trying to hold my hand and even kissing me. i feel that even if we’re not together but still act like a couple is the samething either way it’s going to be hard to get over each other. i dont know what to do is really hard to avoid him because i like him so much i dont know if im really asking anything in this but i guess i just needed someone to tell this to so i can get my feelings out.  well thank you and i cant wait for your next book 🙂
Phyllis replied:
Well, that’s sort of unfair, isn’t it?  Like dangling a piece of chocolate in front of your face and letting you have just a lick now and then.  Obivously, this guy likes you too and enjoys flirting with you, but is realistic enough to know that he’s going to be making a whole new set of friends in college and that you are going to need to make new friends back home.  It’s also possible that you like him more than he likes you, but meantime he’s OK with having a girl eating her heart out for him.  Don’t let  him ruin your summer.  Either you’re still romantically linked and can show it, even though he’s off to college in the fall, or you’re just friends, doing friend-stuff together, and he can drop the flirting.  If I were you I would work very hard to find something to do this summer to fill in the gap.  Letting him know that you’re not just sitting around waiting for him might also make you a bit more attractive to him.  At least you will be more attractive to yourself.

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