I’ve Grown Up With Alice


I just wanted to let you know how much laughter you’ve brought to my life. I started reading the Alice series when it came out and I was on grade 6 or so. I am now 28 and can’t wait for the next Alice book. I feel like I’ve grown up with her.

Phyllis replied:


That is so wonderful to hear.  Or maybe Alice has grown up with you, a little more slowly.  For those of you who collect the Alice books, I should tell you that the publisher has just put out a “bind-up” edition of the three books of Alice as a freshman in high school–Alice Alone, Simply Alice, and Patiently Alice.  These are in a large 630 page paperback, with a great cover, and the title is “I Like Him, He Likes Her.”  It should be in the bookstores now.  Go to Amazon.com to see the book jacket.  They are now working on the bind-up of the three books of Alice in her sophomore year, then her junior year.  Stay tuned!

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