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Hey! well, I need some advice. I’m not fat, but I think I’m a little chubby. None of my friends or family say I am, but they’re probably just being nice. I’m going on 98 lbs and I’m going into 7th grade next year. Maybe I’m more, I got weighed in Feb. Well, can you give me some good tips to eating right and excercising?

 What are some good foods to eat to loose some weight?
What are some good excersize tips?
I want to get in shape and feel healthy, but loose weight.
Phyllis replied:
Weighing 98 pounds and going into seventh grade doesn’t tell me anything.  It all depends on how tall you are.  But you are wise to think about eating healthy foods, because not only will healthy eating keep you in the right weight range, but it will help keep your skin and hair looking good too.  Eat all the vegetables and fruits that you can.  Summer is a good time for weight-watchers because a handful of cherries or a bunch of grapes are always a treat.  Bananas are good and filling, whatever the season.  String cheese and a couple of crackers also makes a nice snack.  What you want to avoid are fast foods–not entirely–but most of the time: cheeseburgers, fries, fried chicken, doughnuts, soft drinks…  Eat only when  you’re hungry, or as one model said, “I only eat when I know I have a stomach.”  That’s a good rule for anyone, but don’t give up breakfast!  Try to add twenty minutes of walking, biking, jogging, swimming….any movement at all to whatever you’re already doing daily now.  That will help.

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