Shut Him Out of my Life for Good?

Hey, i can't wait to read your new book. But i am confused about when it's 
coming out. Anyways, if you wouldn't mind, i was hoping to get some advice. I 
have this friend who is very dear to me and i care about him a lot. The thing 
is, is he used to be my boyfriend but that ended because of distance and time. 
He moved to kentucky with his dad (since they're divorced) and now i don't ever 
see him. We still text and talk on facebook and we're close but not as close as 
he and i would like to be. Now that summer is here we can talk even more and 
pick up where we left off. He and i miss each other very much and it's hard to 
talk with him without thinking about all the good times. He's as sweet as they 
come, compliments and all. We are each others support systems. He and i send 
modest pictures of each other and that makes me miss him more. I don't know 
whether we should space us out or continue our special friendship. It would be 
very hard to shut him out of my life for good.Share your wisdom

Phyllis replied:
Why shut him out of your life for good?  The only reason I 
can think of to tune this friendship down a notch is if
it is making the two of you too exclusive--keeping you from
seeing other people.  The reality is that you now live far 
apart.  But you were also close to each other emotionally.  
Continue the friendship with the understanding that you can 
date other people. When you're older and independent, if you 
still feel close, distances won't be such a barrier.  

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