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 I was just wondering why, for the past couple of years, the Alice books are now being released around the end of June instead of in May? Also, is there going to be an excerpt for Alice in Charge posted on the website? Thanks! I love the Alice books so much… I’ve been reading them since junior high school, and I’m now getting ready to be a senior in college!

Phyllis replied:


I’m probably responsible for the delay from May to June.  A few years ago when we were moving from a house to an apartment, I was incredibly busy, and was a month late getting a manuscript in to the publisher.  Since then the deadline has been June rather than May.  This year I turned the manuscript in in May, so we’ll see if next year it comes out in May or June.  As for an excerpt, I had assumed it was up by now.  I’ve just forwarded your email to my editor, and perhaps she can light a fire under the website people.  Thanks for letting me know.

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