A New Series with a Guy Protagonist?

Could you write a series similar to the Alice series with a guy as the 
protagonist?  Maybe you could even write it from the perspective of someone who 
lives in the same place as Alice--Elizabeth's brother, for instance.  That way, 
you could include some of the already-known characters.=

Phyllis  replied:
Actually, I tried that some years ago.  The first book was
called "Being Danny's Dog," and the second was called "Danny's
Desert Rats."  But neither sold well enough for the series to
continue.  The editor felt that guys weren't as interested in
relationships and feelings and such as girls, and needed more
action than I had in the stories, though I thought I had plenty.
But a few years ago I wrote a book called "Cricket Man" with a
protagonist I think you would like.  Read that book and see
what you think. 

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