All He Wants is to Make Out

okay hi i would talk to my about  mom this but like i dont really talk to her as much about this stuff
 and im kinda nervous about saying this so i just stop with all the small talk and get to the point
ok this guy ask me out but he has a girlfrined then broke up with her recently
and of course i said yes sence this is the first time any guy ask me out i know 14 i feel old about this lol
but then my friend lets call her gina said she has a really bad feeling about this that i shouldn’t go
and she was saying some stuff she felt about her feelings  and how right she was of course i believe her with all this but  even with her not right feeling i  still do want to go but i dont know if i should sence he all i want to make-out with u i told gina that and she all he wants way more then that , i tihnk he does he all mentioning condoms and beds when i was talking to him on IM in myspace, but maybe he was joking idk but what im saying should i go on this”hang-out with this guy or no
i hope i didnt confused u as much if i did i cant wait till ur alice book omg two more days lol
anyways thanks
with all ur help
Phyllis replied:
Let’s pretend for a moment that you are a mother with a 14 year old daughter whom you dearly love, and she wants to go out with a guy she’s been corresponding with on My Space, who talks about making out and beds and condoms.  And you would answer….what?  “Yes, my darling daughter?”  Yes, maybe he’s joking, and maybe if you said, “Sure, I’ll go out,” it would scare him half out of his wits and he wouldn’t show up.  You seem far more interested just in going out–with anybody–at 14, than in this guy himself, and I can understand that.  It’s exciting and mysterious and you’d love to tell your friends all about it.  But it could also be a horrible experience, and when your mom found out about it, she’d lose her trust in you.  Keep your mom in the loop about your plans and she’ll be far more likely to give you some freedom when you need it than if you do something crazy now.

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