A Flaw in the Alice Books


Hey Mrs. Reynolds-Naylor, or should I say, whaddup Phyl, crazyalicegirl224 here! just found a flaw in the alice books and thought i’d point it out– they end!!!!

Phyllis replied:

Good joke!  But here’s news!   As long-time readers know, my publisher assigned someone the job of putting all the facts about Alice and her friends in a document we call “The Alice Bible.”  Only my editors and I have copies, but I keep one at hand each time I write a new book to look up information and make sure I’ve got the right birthdate or the right last name, etc. etc. and the copy-editor uses it when she proofs the next book.  It even has every gift Alice has received, every girl Les has dated, the whole history of Ben and Sylvia’s romance.  Readers who know about this bible have pleaded with me to have it published so they can buy it.  I asked my editor about it the other day, and she said they’d do even better:  after the very last Alice book is published in 2013, they will put the Alice Bible online so that everyone who is interested can read the whole 100 pages for free.  The first few pages of the bible list all the mistakes I have made so far, and there are lots!  In fact, I believe Alice has three different birth dates over the years.  But PLEASE do not start asking questions about the bible.  You’ll all be able to read it when it comes online.

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