Alice in Charge


I just finished reading Alice in Charge 5 minutes ago. I can’t believe I finally got to read it. I first found the Alice books last January. As soon as I read Alice in Blunderland I had to read Lovingly Alice and etc! The Alice books are my favorite books of ALL TIME!!!!! I recommend them to all my friends. Well, back to Alice in Charge. For some weirdo reason I thought it was coming out in May. So I kept on expecting it! Anyway it finally came out and I rushed to the bookstore to discover they didn’t have the book. Well, today after my mom picked me up from summer camp she handed me the book and I haven’t put it down since. I’m just emailing you to say I LOVE YOUR ALICE BOOKS. I know this this isn’t possible but I wish you’d NEVER stop writing them. 

Phyllis replied:

What a nice surprise for you and what a wonderful mom!   Give her a hug from me.


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