Is My Dad Cheating on my Mom?

what do u do if you think your dad is cheating on your mom
okay so i just went on my fathers email sence i use his email to apply for this volnteerment and i was
just wondering if i got in and then this girl wanted to conect with him cause yahoo it has this whole yahoo connections were you can connect frineds kinda like mysapce or facebook etc but just in yahoo style anyways this girl wanted to connect with him and it just broke my heart beacause i never before seen her in my life
and i know she not a realitive even though we hardly see my dad family and all i just know she not family……cause like i seen my dad cousins all connecting sorta and i do reconqize them and none have this girl that wanted to add my daddy and i dont know what to do…im just sad thinking that he do that and
i keep telling myself that he loves my mom and alll that but i dont know …. i hardly ever seen them fight..but then again i dont know whats go on
and i just cant open up and tell my mom about this it might destroy there marrige n i dont know im kinda glad i open it up and saw that..cause my mom  shares the email with my dad and all and they only get on very rarely so i dont know how this girl found my dad unless he meet her at work and gave him his email or if this girl randomly found him which i really hoping it was by random and my dad dont even know who the hell she is  …….and im not sure what im asking maybe im asking  im asking should i  say something or wait or what….

Phyllis replied:


I think you are waaaaaaaay ahead of yourself.  I get emails all the time from people on Facebook wanting to add my name to their list of friends simply because they are friends of a friend of a friend of somebody I know.  From what you told me it doesn’t sound as though your Dad knows this person and there’s no other correspondence between them.  If your dad is letting you use his email to apply for volunteer work, it’s not likely he’s also carrying on a romance on this email address.  In ANY case, if this disturbs you, the person to talk to is your dad, not your mom.  Tell him what you found, how you found it, and let him explain.

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