You Have No Idea How Much I Loved This Book

On the 15th, when the book came out, I ran home from school to order it from amazon. Then today, When I saw the package at our doorstep after school, I couldn’t have been happier. I ran around the house screaming, “Alice’s Here! You Guys, ITS HERE!!!”
Now a couple of hours latter, I’m finished.
I have never been so into a book in my life. You have no Idea how much I loved this book. How much I love Alice…
I’ve grown to think of her as my sister, a sort of role model. Every paragraph, sentence, word, and letter of this book was amazing. It showed that Alice has fears, problems, and makes stupid mistakes, but it just made it more real for me.
I just wanted to say thanks, and that your book is going to have a special place in my room… well until the next one.
By the way, I’m going to be crossing the days off my calendar until the next book comes out.
Phyllis replied:
Thanks so much for being one of the first to respond to the book.   As authors, we know that not everyone is going to love or even like everything we write.  And with each new book, we are taking a chance.  What some readers will love, others will hate.  What Alice does in each book will seem natural to some, out of character to others.  I’m happy that this book rang true for you and am delighted that you love it so much.

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