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Hey Phyllis, just wanted to let you know that Alice in Charge was fantastic. It was the only one of your books that actually made me scared…uneasy at parts. (The part when that thing was put on Alice’s locker.) But, otherwise, AWESOME!
The thing that I like about the Alice books, is that they are SO realistic. All the things that happen to Alice could happen to anyone, and you captivate me with everything she believes in, likes, and hopes for. I think that it’s so cool that you can really make us feel happy, sad, angry, furious, scared, worried, and refreshed in a BOOK. Her life is so relatable to me, and I think that because you might have lived through some of the same experiences, it makes it all the more real and believable. You’re not a teenager, but you definitely know what they’re thinking inside, and what they’re capable of.Do you realize that as soon as I finish one, I pick up another, and don’t stop?
You describe everything is such detail, that I already have a picture of her, her house, her friends, and her room by just listening to your words. You know how to make someone feel great, buy just pouring your heart out, and letting us take it all in. You are just plain awesome.
But I have a question: In Intensely Alice, ____ died. I was wondering, if you had Brian the one to be in ____’s position and die, would Alice had reacted differently? I know there was some bad blood between them, but he was still sort of part of their gang, and had always been. Would she have been equally sad, or glad it happened?
Thanks for creating a world that we can turn to when were having problems, and help us fix them. You have created a place for us to enjoy what were reading, think about it afterwards, and say, “Wow. I really loved that book.” and go and pick out the next one. It’s like coming out of a great movie, ad wanting to see it again. You’ve created a magical feeling for me when I read, THANKS!
I know the series isn’t over yet, but sense I have almost all the books, and the storylines and plots and characters and humor are all implanted in my mind forever, I’ll be ready for when it is.
Thanks for keeping up with your fans, and making them feel insanely  happy. At least, that’s how you’ve made me feel.
Phyllis replied:
If it had been Brian who died,  Alice certainly would not be glad about it.  I’m sure she would be shocked and sad for his family.  But I doubt she would have grieved quite as much.  I’m grateful  for your letter, and happy that the Alice books have meant a great deal to you.

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