Hoping It Will be Perfect

hey i feel so loney right now okay couple days ago i told my frined that i dont want to be her frined anymore..cause she always putting me down and alll  and then like always she gets alll mad and i telll her she can take all my frineds jsut like she had cause my frined lets call her becky i always thought she be there for me and we made a promice in 4grade then in 6grade the girl came(the one i dont want to be frineds with) and i told her that she cant take andy away from me( not real name)
and then she all well humm i think he jsut begin frineds with u cause i have a desparte frined n i know she do anything i tell her n hecotr will soon leave u and u be with no father cause u complain to much okay at that i told she cant control the future and  she all i know but i know u and  i was like no you dont and really im done with her and im starting my freshmen year n i really want to be a good year and Andy not gnna be there the first semester cause he got suspended last year and i dont want this girl taking him away from me and i have feeling he wont leave me and what does she want me to be some kinda loner….i just really hoping i meet new frineds next year cause the frineds i have are not my frineds i feel so betray and what if she dont want me to meet new people what if she steals them away…already im worried about my freshmen year…i really hope it goes well …ever sence i was little i been waitng for this hoping it be perfect but im not so sure anymore…and i dont know what to expect from this reply….just need some advise and something to get all this bottled up  in me to get out
Phyllis replied:
 The thing about hoping something will be perfect is that it never is.  And people (brides in particular!) who don’t get their hearts set on perfection will enjoy their weddings a lot more than those who expect everything to go right on “my day.”  I’m glad you’ll be going into high school because I think you will find it a lot different from eighth grade.  You’re doing a lot of worrying right now about someone taking friends away from you, but there are more people in high school than in middle school.  Usually they come from a wider area, so you will be meeting a lot of different people in different classes.   Please don’t ruin your summer worrying about someone stealing your friends.

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