Made a Difference in my Teenage Years

    I just love your books and the way you write.  I started reading “Starting with Alice” when my daughter was in 2nd grade and we would switch off reading to each other.  It was with this first book that I fell in love with the Alice character and how she thought and handled things with good manners and sensitivity to feelings.  So, I kept reading on.  Before we read Lovingly Alice I realized the material covered (periods, sex) was too advanced for my 2nd grader (7 1/2 yr old).  She understood when I explained it was like trying to do Math you haven’t learned yet and she stopped reading.  However, I was hooked and I kept read the books in order.  Finally we had “the talk” and she was excited that she could start reading Alice again.  She was a little jealous as she saw me reading without her.  I found myself reading about a lot of feelings that I had at Alice’s age but never really understood about myself.  It was comforting to know that I was just as normal as Alice and wasn’t alone in my thinking.  So, once my daughter was ready for the info she started to read a few but then when school started she was reading other books and was distracted by Harry Potter, etc.  She just graduated 5th grade and has picked up with Alice again and just reading “Alice In-Between”. 

     Anyway, I’m still ahead of her and want to make sure I read the books in order, so please let me know the order from “Alice in the Know” on and where Alice in Charge comes in.

 Phyllis replied:


So good to hear from you.   “Alice in Charge” is the very latest book and is just published.  My editor hasn’t had a chance to add it to the list yet.

Thank you again for making a difference in understanding my teenage years.  I hope you continue creating new Alice books.

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