Never Been Asked Out

Hi Mrs. Naylor!  First of all, i just want to say i LOVE the Alice books, and 
the final book will be released the year i graduate from high school! :)  I feel 
like alice is my best friend but that i am most like Liz.  I came upon the alice 
books in 5th grade when i noticed one of my friends reading Alice Alone.  I 
asked to see it, read a few pages and immediately fell in love with it.  You 
have also inspired me to write stories as well!  Thanks for writing! :)  You are 
one of my favorite authors!!

And is it weird that a girl whos 15 and an upcoming sophomore still hasn't ever 
dated or gone out with anyone?  Is it weird that no one has asked that girl out 

Anyway, thanks for taking time to write to me! :)  Keep being a spectacular 
author!!  Alice is AMAZING!!!

Phyllis replied:

Is it weird?  Nope.  I hear from girls all over the country,
and you would be amazed at how many had their first date as
a senior.  How many didn't get asked out at all in high
school but did a lot of dating in college.  Be approachable,
a girl with whom it's easy for guys to start a conversation.
Especially, be a girl who smiles at guys and says hello--not 
just the guys you wish would ask you out, but the shy ones,
the aloof ones, the awkward ones.  What a guy fears most is
that if a girl rejects him, she'll make a joke of it and let
her friends know.  Be the sort of girl they can trust.

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