A Better Person Because of Alice

I love Alice!!!I’m going into the 7th grade next year and i just started reading Alice books in the 6th grade after my friend said likes them.I can’t stop reading them I read them in like a day.I’m planing to reread them!And read your new book Alice in charge when our library gets it….please oh,please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T STOP WRITING THEM!I couldn’t live with without them.I just started getting hormones and i’m always crying,one day i told my mom “I need to go to the library and reread the Alice Books it’s the only thing that will make me stop crying.”please dont stop making them when she turns 18.I dont care if shes 15,18,33,60,or 150 i want to grow up with alice i want to read them when shes 50 and im 50.DONT STOP NO PLEASE DONT STOP when i’m really old like 65 or something instead of watching “Young and the Restless” I’ll be reading the 65 year old Alice.I’ve gotten like 3 different friends stuck on Alice.SO YOU CANT STOP WRITING THEM PLEASE DONT STOP!!!!!Thank you so much because im a better person because of her.Thanks for your time!!!!!!
Phyllis replied:
You do sound a bit desperate!  You will be able to live without them, and you’ll do just fine, I’m sure.  If I had two heads and four hands I might write them forever, but there are many other kinds of books I’d like to do.  After you read the last book in 2013, when Alice goes from 18 to 60, you’ll simply read them all over again, and that will see you through.

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