Wish There was a Movie

I LOVEEE your alice books except i can’t always find one at my library to read.
     I wish there was a movie made out of the books, because that would be soooo
     awesome to watch. Anyway is it wierd that i still really like the boy i feel in love
     with?? In the book Patiently Alice it made me think about it. There was a part
     in it that made me think that was O.K. but at one point in life I’m going to need
    to move on. What do you think??? Any advice?
Phyllis replied:
I’m not sure I understand the question.  Of course it is all right to both like and love a person.  If your question is that you have liked and loved him for a long time and feel you should move on, then you probably should, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop liking him.  As for the Alice movie, there is one: “Alice Upside Down,” based loosely on “The Agony of Alice.”

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