Should I Read the Younger Books?


Hi! I have just heard about your Alice books, and I would love to give them a try. The thing is, though, I’m going into grade 8, and I’m in the gifted program, so I read highschool level books most of the time, and usually quite easily. Sometimes I do read younger books just for the fun of it, and whenever I start a series I always start at the beginning, but do you think I’m a bit to old for the first Alice books? I probably will read them anyway, because of course they will take me to the older books, but do you think I will still enjoy the younger books?

Phyllis replied:


I think you will enjoy the books in whatever order you read them.  The first Alice book was actually “The Agony of Alice.”  After I had written that one and several that followed, we discovered how many younger girls were reading them, and I decided to write three prequels.  Those who already knew Alice had a good time going back to see what she was like in 3rd grade (“Starting with Alice”), and especially to see what Lester was like as a teenager.  Since there are 25 books out, and in them Alice goes from 8 to 17, I can’t tell you where to begin.  Let your friends suggest a good title.  Enjoy.

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