Intensely Alice


hi my name is marianne, i hope this email finds you well, i LOVE all of the alice series, right now im on intensely alice. i have been reading alice since i was 14. i jus wanted to say that i LOVE the books, kinda wishing she was real. i can relate to all of what she went thru. i stayed up last night jus reading the book im on. im going to be REAL sad when the series end, but hey! i have almost ALL of the books, i jus need to get alice in charge, intensely alice, and almost alice. i cried when pamela —————–.   lol i know i know lame haha jus wanted to say that i LOVE YOU PHYLLIS! 
Phyllis replied:


I had to edit your letter a bit so you wouldn’t give too much away.   There was a LOT in Intensely Alice that made me cry, but life is full of the sweet and the bitter, right?

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