Loved Alice in the Movie


I am a writer for the Dallas Morning News’ Dallas Mom’s blog created by Nancy
Churnin.  I just stumbled upon the movie, Alice Upside Down and absolutely LOVED
IT!!!!  I am an educator and an author.  I write a series about a girl named
Abby Diamond.  Abby, who happens to be blind, solves mysteries in the
neighborhood with a cast of friends. 
I don’t think I’ve loved a character more than Abby until I watched Alice Upside
Down.  I cannot wait to go out and purchase your books in this series.
Thank you so much for creating such a delightful character.

Phyllis replied:


Delighted to know that you liked the movie, and especially the character of Alice.  I, too, thought the casting for the part of Alice was especially well done.  I do hope you enjoy the books.   Thanks for writing.

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