Started Reading Them When I Was Nine


i love the alice books my bestfriend and i read the alice books whenever we can. i liked how you sort of left the end of dangerously alice as a cliffhanger for almost alice. i just finshed reading: alice in the know,alice the brave,and outrageously alice.i’m 11 years old and i started eading them when i was 9. i love them so much that i even faked sick one day so i could finish the grooming of alice which is also the first one i ever read.They leave me laughing so hard that my face turns red. Usily i rush home to watch my favourite show on t.v but whenever i have an alice book i rush to read that. i hope you never stop writing them.

 Phyllis replied:

You certainly are a good advertisement for the Alice books.  I’m delighted to know that you enjoy them so much!

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