What Happens in the Last Book?



hi i have couple of questions for you. in one of the books dose alice keep the promise she and patrick made that when there going to meet for new years and dose she open the time calpsul.and also on the last book it goes from 18 to 60 does the book have ALL the ages intill 60 or do skip some.i’ve been reading your books since 3 grade and now my libray doesn’t have most of the books so i have to buy them. i will miss alice 

Phyllis replied:

I can’t tell you all the things that will happen in the final book.  You’ll have to read it yourself.  And no, I don’t mention every single year of her life in the final book, but each chapter jumps to the next big event or crisis in her life.  Otherwise it would be a very, very long book.  For those of you who want to buy the Alice books that your library doesn’t have, remember that the three books of her freshman year have just been published in paperback, under one cover–a HUGE paperback of 630 pages, called I LIKE HIM, HE LIKES HER, for $9.99.  Soon the next big bind-up will be out of Alice’s sophomore year, the next three books, and the title of this will be IT’S NOT LIKE I PLANNED IT THIS WAY, and the third bind-up, the 3 books of her senior year, is also in the works, this one called PLEASE DON’T BE TRUE.  As each one appears in bookstores, I’ll let you know.  Only the first one is out right now.  Great titles, great covers.

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