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Found the Alice Books by Mistake


I have always really wanted to talk to you and since I have yet, to see you just walking down the street somewhere in Maryland I decided to email you. I live in Maryland myself so I’ve been to all the places mentioned in the books, that are in Maryland. I know you probably get tons of fan mail and hear the same things over and over again but I really do love the Alice books and I’ve been reading them since I was Alice’s age in Starting with Alice, and now I’m 14 so I’m kind of a fast reader,  hehehe. But I found the Alice books by mistake the first one I actually read was Alice on the outside when this older girl gave me all the old books. I loved it even though I had no idea what was going on! When I found out it was a series I was ecstatic. So I went back and read everyone and continue reading everyone. I’m waiting for my library to get Alice In Charge so I can read it! So how many books do you have left? Because it seems like you can just keep making Alice books forever, I promise I would still read them. I  hope another movie is made off of the books also because I don’t think the movie did the series justice. I think a nice movie where at the end her dad marries Ms. Summers would be great. Also I am a writer too. I know I’m young and I’m trying to wait until I’m older to publish but all the stories I have written I really want someone to hear them. I read your advice on how to get a book published and I thank you for that.

Phyllis replied:


I love hearing that readers picked up an Alice book by mistake and fell in love with it.  I  hope this some day happens to you, and wish you every success in your own writing!

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