Feeling Guilty


Hey PN, I was wondering, do we know if Alice and her friends ever masturbated? I thought it hinted once but I was not sure. Also, do you know for sure whether or not Lester is a virgin. We know he was “entertaining Crystal” in his father’s bedroom once but that could be a lot of things. I know people say it’s normal for teenagers but I am getting really annoyed that I am horny or in the mood all the time. I feel guilty doing myself because it makes me feel wrong and dirty. Plus it doesn’t always feel that good. Sometimes it hurts. I wanted to try a vibrator but I’m only 16. Plus if my parents ever found it I would be in so much trouble. So what do you think? Is it ok to please yourself like that? And if you don’t mind, have you ever done it?


Phyllis replied:

It is so normal that not only teenagers but little children, half-grown up children, and grown-ups masturbate occasionally.   Yes, Alice and her friends masturbate, but please don’t ask me to find the book and the page number.  It’s been mentioned from time to time.  And though it’s never been said for certain, it would be very unusual for Lester at age 25 (I’ve forgotten exactly how old he is now) was still a virgin.  Teenagers are suddenly overwhelmed with hormonal issues, and it’s not at all uncommon to feel sexually excited much of the time.  You are not “wrong” or “bad” or “dirty” or “unhealthy” to masturbate, but I certainly would not do anything that hurts, and would not recommend a vibrator. 


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