More About the Alice “Bible”

i have just recently read my first book of the alice books. I really like them a lot. The one i just read was alice alone. The next one i am going to read is simply alice. I am planing to read the whole set of books. I don’t have the time to read the ones before alice alone. I was wondering if you could fill me in. You are the writer so you know best to fill me in. I also need help with the alice bible. is it a book? is it just online?
Phyllis replied:
You’re kidding, right?  You want me to tell you everything that’s happened in all the books that were written before Alice Alone?   Go to, type in the name of each Alice book that came before that one, and read about it. As for the Alice bible, this will not be online until the last Alice book is published in 2013.  It is not a book.  It is a document listing every known detail about Alice, her friends, her family–the document that the copy-editor refers to when she checks each new manuscript for errors.  I’m glad you found the Alice books, and hope you enjoy them all.

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