The Next Alice Book

your books rock, pretty much. theyre like my drug!i bring them home from the library and hide them from my older sister who would dismiss them as silly girly books(which i dont like) and make fun of me.
but i love them. theyre just a perfect balance of being true to real life happenings and lifelong lessons and hints at things we girls need to know and even a little spice of that unrealistic version of things we all need in books. (like alice’s relationship with patrik, or setting up Ms. summers)
so i’ll keep on reading them if you keep on making them.I’m 15 and been reading since i was like 13. when i was 13 i brought home all these girly series that i slowly dropped as i matured and realized theyre just stupidities. but yours i just cant let go of!
anyways i have this paranoia of you making another Alice book without my knowledge. maybe you could create this email list of girls who need to know when the next comes out?it would be awesome. letsay i would forget to check your website or something-ahhhhhhhh!i need to know when it comes out, and this would give me the peace of mind that i will be the first to reserve it at the library-Please, Please , Please?! i’m sure all the fans would appreciate it.
well anyways keep on pounding out those pages and producing them!!!!!!
i heart alice!!
rock on

Phyllis replied:

I’m delighted to know you love the books so much.  But really, it’s all I can do to keep writing the Alice books.  I couldn’t possibly keep a list of  readers who need to be told when the next book will be published.  All you need to know, however, is that a new Alice book comes out every June.  That is, every June until 2013, when the very last book in the series will be published, “Always Alice.”

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