I’m Still Here!


From Phyllis:

I’m behind in answering your emails, I know, and will try to do at least a few a day.  I’m getting ready to go to  Tulsa for some talks there  August 27 -29 (check with the Tulsa Public library for time and place), have been working hard on a revision of the Alice book coming out next year, and–just when I thought things were going OK–got a leak in our apartment, so that floorboards have been torn up, a carpet removed in my office, and I’m typing this surrounded by five file cabinets at various angles.  I also have been revising the very last Alice book to come out in 2013, wanting to make sure that the books I write in between will flow neatly into that final book.   Thank you all for your patience.  I read every one of your emails and answer them myself.

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