A Sex Talk

A friend recommended this website for me to send in my question. I have read a few alice books but never saw the website. Anyway here’s the setup: I saw on a to do list my mom had written: Sex talk. No she hasn’t had the talk with me yet. But I know about sex already. Should  I tell her or pretend her talk is all new stuff to me. Thank you for your time..
Phyllis replied:
Oh, gosh, make it easy for her and see what she has to say.  She’ll probably start out by saying something about you possibly knowing this already, but my guess is she’ll have a few tidbits that are new to you.  None of us know EVERYthing about sex.  She may also look at this as a way to bond a bit more with you.  And if you have any questions during this sex talk, be open with her and ask them.  That will help her feel that it was all worthwhile.

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