“I Like Him, He Likes Her”


I haven’t written to you in forever! I hope your summer is going by well. i just thought about emailing you because i just got Alice in Charge from my library and i am so excited to read it! I have loved your Alice books since some girls in my fifth grade class introduced them to me during quiet reading, im going to be a sophomore in high school now! Anyway, last weekend i had my cousin over and she saw “I like him, he likes her” on my book shelf (which by the way, was a great deal! I am so happy you decided to put those three together) she asked if it was a good book and i explained that it was really 3 books in a series of 25 (or more?) books! i think a lot of people don’t realize that. Anyway, i gave her “alice on the outside” to read first so she had some backup info and she read it in 2 days! I am so happy i finally have someone to talk with about these books! (im not sure if those girls from elementary school still read them). I really want to thank you for creating Alice, she is such a great character. Oh, and thanks for that advise about going into high school last year, you probably don’t remember but it really helped! Thanks again!

Phyllis replied:

Those “bind-ups” as we call them in the trade (several books bound together as one) seem to be very popular, my editor tells me, and I’m so glad you discovered “I Like Him, He Likes Her.”  The next bind up to come out will be the three Alice books of her sophomore year, called “It’s Not Like I Planned it This Way,” and the three books of junior year will be called, “Please Don’t Be True.”  We haven’t got to the bind-up of her senior year yet.   It’s good that readers will be able to purchase all three books, as one, in a large paperback edition.

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