Juvenile Teasing

let’s jump straight to the point. yes I know it”s me again but let’s just straight to the point. okay, so my, slightly weird, friends and i were at a football game and during halftime two  of my friends (let’s call them mary and macy) started wrestling. it ended up mary on the ground and macy kneeling on top of her. another one of my friends just had to scream “look at mary and macy!!!!” so now everyone is calling mary and macy “lesbian”. they’re crying and sad 24/7 and i need to help make them feel better. any ideas?
Phyllis  replied:
Maybe you need some more mature friends?  Or maybe you can be the mature one here and figure out why you and your friends seem to be so fixated on gays and lesbians.  When something like this happens, why not just say, “Oh, grow up, guys.”  Being overly apologetic, however, makes it sound as though being called lesbian was a terrible insult.  Somebody needs to simply tell those girls that you were being both rude and childish, and then invite them to go somewhere or do something with you that proves they are part of the group, not girls–of whatever sexual orientation–to be either taunted or pitied.

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