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  I’m in a real situation here. My two best guy friends have gotten super cute over the summer. Usually I wouldn’t complain, but this is different. I relized that I like both of them, but I don’t want to! I just want to be their best friends! What should I do? 

Phyllis replied:


Seriously?  And the problem is…..?   What you’re telling me, I guess, is that you’re feeling romantic toward them now, and you’d rather just stay best friends?  Well, if you don’t want romance to enter the equation, then keep everything on the non-flirtatious level.  No lingering glances, no touching, no knowing smiles, etc.  But best friends can become bf/gf you know, and lots of couples married their best friends.  Perhaps the bigger question you are asking is that if you become romantically involved with one, how do you decide which, and once you decide, what happens to the other guy?  If I were you I’d keep to the best friend routine until you feel an overwhelming desire to make it something more.

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