Alice in College

I am a huge fan of Alice. I would like to know, you mention that you plan on writing 28 books, do those include the prequels? If they do, then that means you have 4 more books to write. I know it is your series, but I would really like for you to write about Alice in her college years. Although I’m only going to be a sophomore in high school, I tend to look up to Alice. Ever since I started reading Alice, she has always been “older” than me. I feel like I can relay some of my experiences through hers. Just a suggestion, I really hope you continue writing more!  P.S. Is it okay if I continue to write to you? I hope I don’t take up too much of your time. Thank you
Phyllis replied:


I wish I could carry on correspondence with all my readers, but I just can’t.  I’m always eager to read your thoughts or questions about the Alice books or life in general.  Yes, the 28 books include the prequels.  The very last book that will come out in 2013 includes some about Alice’s college years.

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