In Love with Patrick


           I am such a big fan of Alice and I admire her a lot.  I know that you hear that from your fans everyday, haha.  The way I became a fan of the Alice series is a bit unusual in fact.  It was in Grade 5 when someone came to our school and introduced us to some new books.  One of these books was, “Alice in Agony”.  He gave us a very short summary, but listening about Alice’s struggle without her mother, completely engaged me to read the book.  So when I saw the book in our school library, I grabbed it. Let’s just say since then I’m in love with Alice.  I’ve read every single book until “Intensely Alice.”  I can relate to her; I laugh with her, I cry with her, I get confused with her, I love with her, and I learn with her.  Knowledge; that is the biggest thing I have gained from this book. I learned many things about growing up, love, and most importantly how relationships work. Whether it is with your siblings, parents, peers, teachers, or friends, Alice always had ways to overcome her challenges.  I especially admire the way the series deals with common issues among teens because without knowing, you are helping out regular girls like me. And how can I forget to say that I am in love with the character, Patrick! I hope you continue to write such amazing books! I am so excited to read the upcoming books.  

Phyllis replied:

I’m delighted that the books that meant so much to you.  Thanks for being such a faithful reader.    


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