New friends/old friends

hey i just gotta say that i love and adore your books especially your “alice series”
well i have one question im a freshmen in highschool and i do kind of enjoy it
im hanging with this new group but havent felt completly “In” yet you know cause 
during my summer i told this person that i didnt want to be her friend anymore and she turn everyone againest me
a couple weeks ago i told her i was sorry and like she forgave me and we give each other a friendly hug…but after that
i pass her in the halls and give a wave and smile she looks at me and rolls her eyes….so i decided that i still wasnt forgiven
and had to be still stick with my other group of “friends” but deep inside i miss my old friends …i know everything happens for a reason
but you think there is anyway i can have my old friends back and be more comfy with the group im with now.
Phyllis replied:
How long did it take you when you first made friends with your old group?  I’ll bet it took awhile, and that you weren’t great friends right from the beginning.  Get to know the people in your new group–doing things and going places with them.  Get to know each one individually.  As for the friend who seems to snub you, she’s obviously still hurting from your earlier rejection of her, and unfortunately, you can’t undo what you’ve said.  But you’ve apologized and she knows you want to be friends, so now she’s probably giving you a taste of how lonely it felt for her.   My advice is not to pursue it, but continue to be friendly without being needy.  Smile and say hello without waiting for the eye roll and keep moving.  Give your new friends a chance and your old friends time to get over your mistake.

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