Sexuality is Normal

This email is going to be pretty much like lots of the ones you’ve posted on the Alice blog, but I know if I was a published author (I’m still querying), I wouldn’t mind another one.
I read my first Alice book in 4th or 5th grade, and devoured them. I don’t know exactly what happened (maybe I couldn’t find anymore), but then I stopped. I just found 6 of the more recent ones at my library, and it turns out that I still love them. I’m a sophomore (in high school) now. Alice feels so real, even though most of her quick bio-facts are very different from mine.
As I was reading Simply Alice (the first of the 6), I realized just how often in the years since I first started reading them that I think of stuff that’s happened in the books. Weekly, even. Most of my sex-ed came from the books, and I’d especially like to thank you for that. It’s presented in such a safe, normal way. I’m uncomfortable with talking about that kind of stuff with my parents and my friends, so this was incredibly helpful in learning things. Your books have taught me that sexuality is normal. Actually normal- not just “health-class normal.” I don’t know what I would have done otherwise. There are other sources, but none that I’ve found are so comforting as Alice.
Not only is the Alice series enjoyable to read, but I’ve learned so much (and not just about sex!) from them. I’m trying to get my youngest sister (she’s 11) to start reading them as well, and I’ve highly endorsed them on my blog. I don’t know how you can connect with us teenage girls so well, but you’ve done a fantastic job of it.
Phyllis replied:
I really appreciate your letter.  I had the same feelings you do about the sexual instruction I received as a child.  All about the process–sort of like brushing your teeth–but nothing about the feelings or pleasure of it.  When your sister’s ready for the later Alice books, I hope she likes them too.

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