A Writer’s Notebook?



In my class I Have to do a power point with your Favorite Author, I picked you. One of the Questions I need to ask you is, do you have a writers notebook?

If you dont us one, wherere do you write down your ideas? I  looked on all of your web sites and I couldnt find out if you had a writers notebook. Please write back soon.


Phyllis replied:


I keep a small notebook in my purse, and jot down a few sentences about ideas that come to me if I’m away from home.  Here at home, I keep a 3-ring notebook for every book that I am currently thinking about writing–not just wisps of ideas that may some day become a book–but ideas that excite me enough that they are in line to become books.  Whenever I get a new idea about that particular book–plot, character, setting, research, etc.–I write it in that notebook, so that by the time I’m ready to start writing the actual book, that notebook may be an inch or two thick with ideas.  

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