What’s Going on with Us?



okay so its this boy {lets call him Tommy} Ive liked Tommy ever since third grade but he never liked me and we were really close. but now in seventh grade when we have all of our classes together  we have cute little nick names for each other he is always staring at me. always trying to make me laugh {which i do because he is so funny} and all of his friends always come up to me and ask me if i like him {which i deny} do you think he is sending them?. But a big problem is that he is white and i am black. oh and he always have an excuse to touch my hair… what is going on with us? 😦

Phyllis replied:

Sure sounds to me as though he likes you.   Maybe he’s curious, too.  Some people are very much attracted to those who are at all different from themselves in some way.   Why don’t you just stay friends with him, and treat him like all your other friends?  You don’t have to say you don’t like him if you do.  Just laughingly answer, if people ask, “Sure!  I like lots of people.”

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