A Senior Guy

I am a sophomore girl and one of my best friends is a senior guy. We tell each other everything and collaborate artistically. Each of us cares truly for the other and is happy at everything they do.
Lately, I’m thinking we have stronger feelings for each other. I can feel it in myself and him. We were touching feet in math class one day — and it felt so good. Now it happens regularly.
We talk for hours some days, about really emotional stuff. I have the feeling that he really understands me.
It feels perfect.
Except for one thing: he’s three years older than me and is going to college in a year.
Would you recommend taking any actions? Or just leaving this relationship as-is?

Phyllis replied:

It’s wonderful that you feel so close to this guy, and that you share so much you can talk about.  At your age, three years is a lot, but it’s not a guarantee that you can’t fall in love with each other.  Once you’re in your twenties or so, a three-year age difference is nothing.  Because you have such a good relationship the way things are right now, I’d vote for letting him take the lead here.  He’s the one who’s going away.  He’s the one who will be meeting other people, having college-type experiences far different from high school.  But I also think he might like to hear you say, “I’m going to miss you after you go to college.”   But meanwhile, just enjoy his company and see where it leads.

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