Changed My Life


All through life i’ve enjoyed reading. If i could find a good book, i’d be content. Somehow it’s an escape for me. It allows me to think. It’s too bad most teenagers put off reading, because it helps with all kinds of situations. I think it’s the way girls are, how they seem to read more than most guys. I don’t mean to be sterotypical, but I don’t know of too many guys who stay home to read a good book. Anyway, as i’ve gotten older, i’ve found a lot of books that interest me. I started really getting into reading after i read the Little House in The Prairie series and then came yours. Yours, yours changed my whole aspect on my relationships with friends and life in general. It’s pretty intense how books can do that to you. Thanks for what your books did to me.


Phyllis replied:


I’m delighted to know that the Alice books have meant that much to you.  Thanks for letting me know.  It made my day.

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