Growing up with Alice


I just wanted to tell you that your Alice books are great. I’ve been reading them since I was eleven, and I’m sixteen now. I kind of feel like I’ve been growing up with Alice, since she was eleven in the first book, the same as I was when I read it, and she’s around my age in the books that I’m reading now. Your characters are so realistic and lively, it’s like they’re my friends, too. I like how your books include all of the regular teen problems, but you write them so that they’re funnier, and more personal, than most of the teenage drama novels out there. I love your writing style, and you have a way with words that conveys the personality, worries and thoughts of a teenage girl perfectly.  Thank you for writing the Alice series, and good luck in any future writing.

Phyllis replied:

Thank you so much for your email.  It’s wonderful that you two seem to be growing up together, even though I write three books for every year of her life.  You just read the books faster, I guess!

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