Should I Tell Him How I Feel?

Hey PN, In English this year we are reading The Scarlet Letter and I think it is such a good book. We are talking a lot about the symbon bolism of the A and others things and it made me wonder if there are any symbols in your books. I don’t really pick up on symbols that much so it made me think. Also, our teacher talks about names such as Pearl and Aurthor Dimmesdale and there is a reason him name starts with an A and Roger Chillingworth and how his name has the world chill it in because he is a cold man. So are there any meanings to the names in Alice? Or are they just names you randomly picked?
Also, I have a question about a guy. So my friend set me up for with her ex’s for homecoming (he goes to an all boy school and  I attend and all girls school) So I went to the dance with him and had so much fun and he seemed to too. We were dancing and “freaking” and I told him he was a really good dancer and he told me I was one too and included a smiley face in the text message. Anyway, so when he walked me to the door I asked him to my school’s homecoming and he said yes. He didn’t kiss me at the door or anything but that may have been becuase his mom could see us on the porch. I also invited him to a school function in January that I am participating in and he said he will try to go. I am also thinking of inviting him to come to my school play with me. But the thing is I really like him and I’m sure how he feels about me. We text sometimes but he is kind of a weird texter and takes a while to reply and I’m fine with that because my friend says he does that to everyone. But I have hinted how I felt but I don’t know if I should straight out just tell him or if I should wait a while. The last time I felt like this about a guy at the beginnign I fell completely in love with him. When he first wanted a date he told him friend that he wanted a girl who would give him a BJ but then said he was just kidding but I’m not sure he was. He also told a friend before he met me that he wanted a girl skinnier than him which I am not but I’m not like super fat or anything. But I don’t know whether he cares anymore. But we really seemed to hit it off. So what do you think? Should I tell him directly how I feel now? Or should I wait? And do you think he likes me back?

Phyllis replied:


Why do you need to TELL him?  Don’t you think he already knows?   By all means, if you like him, keep inviting him places and accept his invitations.  But since you have some reservations about things he’s told his friends, get to know him better.  Guys often react goofy once a girl actually says she likes him, because he feels that now he has to commit himself somehow or put his feelings for you into words.   And this has wrecked many a budding romance.  As for symbolism in the names I choose for my characters, I don’t consciously plant a symbol, but I do think a long time about names, and choose them for a variety of reasons.

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