How Do You Comfort?

My friends are big fans of your books and I am becoming one also! 
 I want to be an author one day so thank you 
for being an inspiration.  I have an advice question.  One of my friends, we are 
in college, she had a crush on a guy named Alex, but never wanted to pursue it.  
One of our other friends 
informed us that Alex is gay. She is a little disappointed, but she is a great 
girl so I think she will find someone wonderful for her.
In the meantime though, what can be and my friends say for words of comfort.  
Thank you.=

Phyllis replied:

You would give the same kind of comfort you would if any guy rejected her for any reason. It’s hard, I know, when you invest so much energy and time and dreams and fantasizing over a particular person, to finally realize that the feelings simply aren’t reciprocated.  And you can’t promise anyone that she is going to meet someone else who is wonderful, because life is too iffy for that.  But when you consider that there are billions of people in this world and about half of them are male, her odds of finding someone else who loves her back are exceedingly good.

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