I have a problem. I realllly like this boy, and I’ve known him sinse the 3rd grade. He liked me for awhile, but I know he stopped…..well he’s dating an 8th grader that I know, and were both in 7th grade. I’m like seriously jealous….. anyway. He flirts with me, and even my friend noticed. I REALLLY LIKE him, but he’s going out with the girl. I know for a fact that they’ve kissed and stuff…..I know this isn’t a big deal, but it still hurts. How do I deal?

Phyllis replied:


You deal with it by realizing that not everyone you really like is going to really like you back.  It’s a fact of life, hard as it is to swallow.  But someday it will be you who doesn’t like a boy as much as he likes you.  It’s also quite possible that your interest in this guy has increased just knowing he’s going out with another girl.  If he dropped her, would you want him as much?  Something to think about.


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