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 I just wanted to tell you that I love the Alice books!  I also wanted to tell you that I really want to be a writer when I grow up.  Are there any tips you can give me? I keep a notebook and I write little stories in there.  I read a lot too.  Thanks soooooo much if you reply and even if you don’t thanks!  For reading this, for making a website, for being so awesome, and for writing the Alice books!

Phyllis replied:
I wish there were only a couple things to say that would make you a successful writer, but–like anything you want to do well–there are so many things you must learn.   Mostly you will learn simply by writing and challenging yourself to enter contests, to send material to magazines, to publishers, and by putting yourself in the place of the reader, reading your stuff over and over again to see what should be changed to make it more appealing, more real, more emotional, and that keeps you turning the page.   You will find my book, “How I Came to be a Writer,” helpful, I think.

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