When a Friend Moves Away


Hi my friend is going to be moving and I was wondering whhat I should 
do to make her not so worried about it and more calm when I am like 
not so happy either I want to tell het things will be okay but I don't 
know if things will be okay...so what should i say to make her more 
confident that her parents made the right choice for her. If you could 
help me to what to say so she will not be so unhappy about it? Thanks!

Phyllis replied:


You can’t promise her that things will be OK because no one knows that.  The best thing you can do is be a good listener, and assure her that it’s normal to be a little fearful of new situations, and especially new places to live.  Remind her that she was once new to your school too, even if she started out in kindergarten.  In fact, each new class in each new grade is a new experience.  Teachers are different, some of the students are different.  What you can do is assure her that she will make new friends the same way she made old ones, by seeking out at least one person she feels she can be comfortable with, and slowly adding another…then another….until….there they are, friends.

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