Should I Read the Books That Came Before?


Hey! Just about 2 weeks ago my friend had bought the I Like Him, He Likes Her book and she gave it to me to read because i needed a book. I COMPLETELY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!! I just finished it today, and i was wondering, should i read the Alice books that came out before the I Like Him, He Likes Her book? and i noticed there was also a movie and i was wondering if i should read Upside down Alice before seeing the movie

Phyllis replied:

If you liked “I Like Him, He Likes Her,” you’ll love “It’s Not Like I Planned It This Way,” the collection of Alice’s books in her sophomore year–already out–and “Please Don’t be True”–a collection of the three books of her junior year, coming next.  You’d really enjoy all the Alice books that came before.  If you want to go waaaaay back, read “Starting With Alice,” in which she is in third grade.  You’ll love reading about Lester as a teenager.  The movie, “Alice Upside Down,” is loosely based on “The Agony of Alice,” when she enters the sixth grade.

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